Asheville Plus 6L6 + +

This one a slight twist on the regular Asheville 6L6+.  Has footswitchable boost.  And you can control the nature of the boost, either GAIN boost (+ or - 10db) and VOLUME boost (+ or - 6db).  Very cool custom request from the customer.  Overall I am quite impressed!  Asheville is based on the Soldano SLO but has been tweaked endlessly.  So refined and much more versatile. 

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This one has a 2 button footswitch and uses a standard mic cable to connect to the amp.  I may make another with a single footswitch, but you can still tailor the type of boost you want - a little of both might be best.  Signal does not leave the chassis, just low DC voltage, relays are used.  Works beautifully.

Superb 12AT7 phase inverter,

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