Asheville Plus 4X6L6

cnd$1260 or US$969 60W 4x6L6 version.  Amp/headcab/tubes. The Asheville+ gets it's DNA from the Soldano SLO100.  I got rid of the clean option and added a very useful bright pot.  The Mod control is a 3 position rotary switch that changes the nature of the 3rd gain stage (cold clipper) which changes the character of the amp.  UNBELIEVABLE!  Superb 12AT7 phase inverter. 


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This is plug/n/play and ready to go. Comes in at a svelte 24lbs

Mod control:  Position 1 is a little less gain (still more than a 2203/JCM800 though). position 2 is a step up in gain, with less cold clipping, and position 3 is stock SLO value

The 6L6GC tubes are used very lightly (3200 ohm load - very easy) and will likely last for at least 5 years with a lot of use or 15 years if you aren't using it every day. 

You notice I am focusing a lot on the Asheville circuit?  Because it is freakin' awesome. 

Consider me as a good chef and you are at my restaurant.  You are asking for a steak - you aren't instructing how to cook it, you are trusting that the chef knows how to prepare a steak.  Same situation here, but instead of steak you are looking for a custom M style amp.  I have built more amps than probably anyone ever.  I know what good tone is, and what makes an amp great. 

I will be doing a video on this model before too long.

Main signal path is point to point and components are in the best possible position.

Has a loop and tonestack is post-loop as per the SLO.  Depth does to the low end what presence does to the top end.  Sometimes referred to as 'resonance'

Any questions - email me at  Contacting through this site can be flaky so don't use it.  If you are interested in this amp at US$935 email me.  Due to inflation, prices will be going up Jan 2023

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