50W Duophonic

cdn$1149 or US$899. Another custom build.  Pasadena circuit coupled with Corona (Fender Blackface).  Seprate input for each.  Critical signal path is point to point wiring.  Pasadena is hot-rodded Marshall and is spectactular.  Pasadena is the hometown of EVH.  Very nicely spiced circuit.  Feedback is optimized - very important.  Bias is set for most any EL34 but you can tweak it if need be.

More details


Tube buffered efx loop.  Toroidal power transformer is quiet, and runs cool. Heater voltage has been tweaked for best sound.

Price of cdn$1149 includes amp, head cab, tubes, power cord. 

If you wish to have this 50W Duo as a custom build the base price for the amp chassis alone is US$675.  Bob at Sourmash can do a superb cab, and tubes will be extra.

I doubt ANYONE has built more guitar amps than I have.  Nor has anyone built the VARIETY I have.  But believe me, this one is killer and will leave a huge smile on your face. 

email me with any questions, (don't use the site's internal messaging)

If you looking for a custom version there are many different options:

-many faceplate colours avail

-custom name if you like

-Located in Windsor, Ontario, never had a issue shipping to the US


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