22W Audie Faye SOLD

cdn$1149 or US$880.  Kelly '90 + a Fender Blackface channel.  Another custom build, the previous one was Bad Lieutenant. The gain channel is based on the Kelly'90 version of a litigious famous amp, some of which have sold for more than $40k!  I can't mention the name but it has to do with railways and getting from point A to point B quickly. Critical signal path is point to point wiring. 

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Channel switcher, tube buffered efx loop.  This thing is a HOME RUN.  I have built many versions of this typically EL34 circuit and they are just too loud.  This 22W version with a master works spectacularly! Toroidal power transformer is quiet, and runs cool. 

A little different than the typical Fender/Marshall thing.  Sounds good a low volume, gain is full bodied but not flubby.  I could live with this amp forever if I had to. 

I doubt ANYONE has built more guitar amps than I have.  Nor has anyone built the VARIETY I have.  But believe me, this one is killer and will leave a huge smile on your face. 

email me with any questions, phaezamp@gmail.com (don't use the site's internal messaging)

If you looking for a custom version there are many different options:

-many faceplate colours avail

-custom name if you like

-Located in Windsor, Ontario, never had a issue shipping to the US


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