Asheville KT88

cdn$799 (apprx US$628) CHASSIS ONLY! Based on the Soldano SLO100 but with a pair of KT88's instead of a quad of 6L6's.  I got rid of the clean option and added a very useful bright pot.  Approx 60W.  Superb 12AT7 phase inverter.  This has an adjustable footswitchable boost and it works superbly!  There is an extra LED on the front to indicate whether the boost is on or off. 


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Consider me as a good chef and you are at my restaurant.  You are asking for a steak - you aren't instructing how to cook it, you are trusting that the chef knows how to prepare a steak.  Same situation here, but instead of steak you are looking for a custom M style amp.  I have built more amps than probably anyone ever.  I know what good tone is, and what makes an amp great. 

HEAD CAB IS BEING MADE FOR THIS ONE.  COMPLETED PLUG N PLAY AMP WILL BE CDN$1090 or US$899.  (amp/chassis/tubes/footswitch)

Main signal path is point to point and components are in the best possible position.

Has a loop, the tonestack is post-loop as per the original. 

Any questions - email me at  Contacting through this site can be flaky so don't use it.

The price listed above for the amp as chassis only.  The other stuff IS available, tubes, footswitch, head cab.  I can offer the new pair of KT88 for my cost. 

Chassis is 16.75"w x 7.75" deep x 2.5" tall.  You need about 5.25" above the chassis for the tubes and transformers. 

This one is READY TO GO

Never had a issue shipping to the US.  I will send you a paypal invoice for whatever the Fedex shipping cost is. 


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