M50X cdn$699 or US$539.  This is a 2xEL34 classic M style amp with a footswitchable boost.  The pre section of this amp is based on my Pasadena but has been tweaked a bit.  Has a loop - one that I have been using for years, based on Naylor SD60.  I have been building amps for a long long time and rest assured this thing kicks. 


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Consider me as a good chef and you are at my restaurant.  You are asking for a steak - you aren't instructing how to cook it, you are trusting that the chef knows how to prepare a steak.  Same situation here, but instead of steak you are looking for a custom M style amp.  I have built more amps than probably anyone ever.  I know what good tone is, and what makes an amp great. 

Main signal path is point to point and components are in the best possible position. 

The footswitable boost is mighty handy.  It is really a partial tonestack bypass.  The mid control sets the unboosted level, the boost pot sets the boosted level.  An LED indicates whether the boost is on or off.  Allows for a little bit of boost or A LOT.

We have a Friedman Small Box here and I have tweaked this M50X to be a better sounding amp. 

Depth does to the low end what presence does to the high end.

Any questions - email me at  Contacting through this site can be flaky so don't use it.

This is for chassis only, full tube complement is US$66

There is a jack on the rear to do a quick check of the bias (measures current)

Never had a issue shipping to the US

A head cab is available for US$175 (different options available)


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